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A-DATA ADATA S10000 Power Bank 10000mAh White

Etusivu Muut Koti Vapaa-aika A-DATA ADATA S10000 Power Bank 10000mAh White
A-DATA ADATA S10000 Power Bank 10000mAh White (AS10000-USBA-CWH)

A-DATA ADATA S10000 Power Bank 10000mAh White


ADATA S10000 - Virtapankki - 10000 mAh - 37 Wh - 2.1 A - 2 lähtöliittimet (USB) - johdossa: Micro-USB - valkoinen
  • Type Powerbank
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Packing 10000mAh of power and sporting a thin 14.8mm form factor, the S10000 won't let or weight you down. Built with lithium polymer batteries, it offers a high conversion rate for better efficiency. Plus dual-USB ports with a total output of up to 2.1A, the S10000 can simultaneously charge two mobile devices.

Thin and Light, Carry and Go
At 14.8 mm thin the S10000 is as slim as a smartphone. Weighing a mere 195 grams, it's also lightweight too. That means a power bank that you can easily carry in a bag or back pocket.

Charge Two Devices at Once
The S10000 features a dual-USB port design with a total output of up to 2.1A, allowing you to juice up two devices simultaneously, saving you time better spent elsewhere.

High-Quality Components for Peace of Mind
With high-quality lithium polymer batteries, fire-resistant outer casing, and multiple forms of circuit protection, the S10000 offers stable performance, lasts longer, and ensures safety.

Multiple Forms of Circuit Protection
Safety is always the paramount concern for electronic devices, and the S10000 is no exception. Safe operations are guaranteed thanks to the device's protective measures against over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating, short-circuit, and over-voltage in input and output.

Made to Hang Out Anywhere
A beautiful, yet simple mount that's built into the S10000 is super handy for hanging the unit on your bag, or anything for that matter, for easy carrying and storage.

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