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4smarts Qi2 Charging Station Trident with MFi Fast Charger for Apple

Etusivu Muut Koti Vapaa-aika 4smarts Qi2 Charging Station Trident with MFi Fast Charger for Apple
4smarts Qi2 Charging Station Trident with MFi Fast Charger for Apple (4S540999)

4smarts Qi2 Charging Station Trident with MFi Fast Charger for Apple

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YOUR MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR WIRELESS SMARTPHONE, SMARTWATCH, TWS HEADSET Discover the ultimate charging station for your devices! Our 3-in-1 wireless charger is the ideal companion for your iPhone, Apple Watch and TWS headset. With 15W, your iPhone charges wirelessly at lightning speed, while your TWS headset is supplied with 5W of power. For your smartwatch? Simply use the additional 5W USB-C port. What's new is that our charging station is already equipped with the innovative Qi2 technology, which is perfectly compatible with the iPhone 15 series as well as the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 series. Other device manufacturers are also following this trend, which is why we recommend checking compatibility of your smartphone on the respective manufacturer's website. SMART CHARGING WITH Qi2 Welcome to the new era of wireless charging with our advanced Qi2 charging station! This station, the newest member of the Qi family, takes wireless charging technology to a new level. With the new Qi2 standard, we offer improved performance and higher efficiency. Our charging station uses integrated MagSafe technology with strong magnets that not only hold your device securely, but also align it precisely so that the charging coil is centrally positioned in the smartphone to achieve the maximum possible charging current. Our UltiMag ring is also included in the scope of delivery. This innovative ring now also makes non-MagSafe/Qi2-compatible devices compatible with our charging station. Simply attach the UltiMag ring to your smartphone and you will benefit from a comparably efficient and safe charging option. FLEXIBLE CHARGING IN LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT FORMAT Experience the efficiency of our 3in1 wireless charger, equipped with the new Qi2 standard for faster and more efficient charging. It allows you to charge your smartphone in both landscape and portrait mode. The landscape mode is ideal for movies or video calls, while the portrait mode makes it easier to read messages or surf the web.

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