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4smarts Charger GaN Flex Pro 200W 4 USB-C white

Etusivu Muut Koti Vapaa-aika 4smarts Charger GaN Flex Pro 200W 4 USB-C white
4smarts Charger GaN Flex Pro 200W 4 USB-C white (4S544200)

4smarts Charger GaN Flex Pro 200W 4 USB-C white

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Multi-device charging capabilityWith our 200W GaN charger, you can charge up to four devices simultaneously with a total power of 200 watts - for example, two laptops, a tablet and a smartphone. Worldwide useOur 200W USB C power supply gives you unprecedented flexibility and adaptability. The interchangeable EU/UK connectors can be used directly on the power supply or on the included 1.5 meter extension cable, allowing you to choose the setup that works best for you depending on your needs and situation. Whether you need to reach a tight space behind a piece of furniture or need more freedom on your desk, you can always charge your devices safely. 200W ultimate power supplySay goodbye to cable clutter! Our GaN Charger is the ultimate solution for all your charging needs. This powerful and versatile 200W USB C power bank is all you need to power your devices. No more countless chargers, no more clutter - just one efficient device. With our GaN Charger, you'll bring order to your digital life and ensure the constant availability of your devices. Power duo chargeOur powerful 200 Watt USB C power adapter gives you the freedom to charge two MacBook Pro devices simultaneously at full speed - each with an impressive 100W. Don't let low battery levels slow you down! Highest performance in a compact formOur GaN Charger uses the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to provide a compact, yet powerful solution. With 200W of power, this USB C charger is compatible with a wide range of devices. Intelligent safety protectionOur GaN Charger offers reliable protection against overheating, short circuits and overvoltages thanks to advanced technology. You can even charge your iPhone without worrying about overheating with our 200-watt USB C power adapter - it adjusts the charging power to preserve and protect the battery.

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